*I want to live not just survive*
The Fault In Our Stars.
Pretty much all things mainstream.
All things girly.
A dab of Disney.
Once Upon a Time.
Katy Perry.
She is my queen.
She is music.
That is all.
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how to be happy

  1. pet every dog you can
  2. compliment at least one person per day
  3. always stop to look at pretty flowers
  4. drink 100 bottles of water
  5. don’t be ashamed to listen to pop music

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  • Me: i'm over my crush
  • Crush: hey
  • Me: nvm
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Reblog if you still buy CD’s.

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have you ever loved a lyric so much that when you hear it feels like your heart is trying to burst out of your body

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Never followed this couple, but this gif always breaks my heart. Because you watch it all unfold in heartbreaking detail… The camera’s on them, she goes to look at him, expecting-anticipating his eyes will turn to find her, like she’s turning to find him. Then the realization hits, he’s completely preoccupied, and it’s not with her. And you see it wash over her face… she was thinking of him, but he wasn’t thinking of her. 
I think a lot of girls can relate to how shitty that moment feels.
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